Sunday, September 8, 2013

High Speed Internet is a Must for Businesses in San Francisco

An average download speed of 16.23 (MB/s) is enjoyed by both residents and businesses in San Francisco. If the San Francisco high-speed internet connection experiences a slowdown, it would be a major hindrance for businesses operating round the clock. Retailers lose an average of $4,700 every minute their point of sale is down. One could just imagine just how much will be lost if they won't be able to give service in the entire day. Customers don't like waiting, and if they see no progress within the next two and a half minutes, they would be frustrated. Longer than five minutes, and one in three customers would just quit it and avoid that specific brand or retailer that made them wait. Avoiding such hiccups in a business is a priority. Business owners rely on reputable companies like TLink Broadband Services to provide them reliable internet connections.

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