Thursday, September 5, 2013

Google and Internet Providers in San Francisco Join Hands in Getting the City Connected

Google has expressed their desire to help the city of San Francisco in terms of setting up wireless internet connections and hotspots in various parts of the city. This is no surprise since Google has been involved with similar projects before. Both internet providers in San Francisco and Google share the same goal of getting more people online. As per San Francisco parks director, Phil Ginsburg, Google will not be the owner or even manage the wireless networks to be set up on 31 locations around the city. Instead, this is considered a gift from the company. Areas where a lot locals and tourists gather will be the main target of these internet hotspots. Having this kind of accessibility will benefit both the young techie crowds and businesses. Businesses have more chances to grow since they can now maximize communication lines if this project finishes. Locals who prefer staying indoors can turn to reputable internet providers like TLink Broadband Services.

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