Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Internet Providers in Sacramento to Participate in a Program to Enhance City's Internet

Plans to bring high-speed internet connections across various schools in the USA are bearing fruit. The Federal Communications Commission has already announced that they have started to overhaul the government’s E-Rate program. Imagine this scenario. One kid on a school in Sacramento is able to download the class module for 5 minutes, while another kid in a different school can download it for 10 minutes or more. Having a slower connection pose disadvantages to learners for a fact. Changes in the technology and demand for faster internet connections will inevitably make the E-Rate program adjust to cater the needs of the people. President Obama's ConnectEd aims to bring high-speed internet connections to the majority of schools in the U.S. To make this plan successful, Internet providers in Sacramento as well as in other states will be called in to do their part. All of this endeavor is to achieve the ultimate goal of having fast internet connections in the entire country.

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