Sunday, September 8, 2013

High Speed Internet is a Must for Businesses in San Francisco

An average download speed of 16.23 (MB/s) is enjoyed by both residents and businesses in San Francisco. If the San Francisco high-speed internet connection experiences a slowdown, it would be a major hindrance for businesses operating round the clock. Retailers lose an average of $4,700 every minute their point of sale is down. One could just imagine just how much will be lost if they won't be able to give service in the entire day. Customers don't like waiting, and if they see no progress within the next two and a half minutes, they would be frustrated. Longer than five minutes, and one in three customers would just quit it and avoid that specific brand or retailer that made them wait. Avoiding such hiccups in a business is a priority. Business owners rely on reputable companies like TLink Broadband Services to provide them reliable internet connections.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Various Internet Providers in San Jose Prepares for Intel's Surprise

Technology tycoon Intel has revealed that the rumors of them working a new internet-based TV streaming application is indeed true. If this plan pushes through this year, citizens of San Jose may just as well cancel their current cable subscription, buy a bigger flat-screen TV's that is internet capable and check which Internet providers in San Jose can give them a suitable deal. General Manager and Vice-President of Intel Media, Erik Huggers, stated that they are currently working with huge companies such as Apple, Google, Netflix and BBC in developing a new and unique internet TV platform. Too much of a good thing is bad though. If Intel's plan comes into fruition, some subscribers may reach their bandwidth limit due to video streaming. Upgrading their connection or switching to other internet providers may be a viable option, such as TLink Broadband that have plans that can upgraded anytime.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Google and Internet Providers in San Francisco Join Hands in Getting the City Connected

Google has expressed their desire to help the city of San Francisco in terms of setting up wireless internet connections and hotspots in various parts of the city. This is no surprise since Google has been involved with similar projects before. Both internet providers in San Francisco and Google share the same goal of getting more people online. As per San Francisco parks director, Phil Ginsburg, Google will not be the owner or even manage the wireless networks to be set up on 31 locations around the city. Instead, this is considered a gift from the company. Areas where a lot locals and tourists gather will be the main target of these internet hotspots. Having this kind of accessibility will benefit both the young techie crowds and businesses. Businesses have more chances to grow since they can now maximize communication lines if this project finishes. Locals who prefer staying indoors can turn to reputable internet providers like TLink Broadband Services.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Internet Providers in Sacramento to Participate in a Program to Enhance City's Internet

Plans to bring high-speed internet connections across various schools in the USA are bearing fruit. The Federal Communications Commission has already announced that they have started to overhaul the government’s E-Rate program. Imagine this scenario. One kid on a school in Sacramento is able to download the class module for 5 minutes, while another kid in a different school can download it for 10 minutes or more. Having a slower connection pose disadvantages to learners for a fact. Changes in the technology and demand for faster internet connections will inevitably make the E-Rate program adjust to cater the needs of the people. President Obama's ConnectEd aims to bring high-speed internet connections to the majority of schools in the U.S. To make this plan successful, Internet providers in Sacramento as well as in other states will be called in to do their part. All of this endeavor is to achieve the ultimate goal of having fast internet connections in the entire country.