Friday, September 6, 2013

Various Internet Providers in San Jose Prepares for Intel's Surprise

Technology tycoon Intel has revealed that the rumors of them working a new internet-based TV streaming application is indeed true. If this plan pushes through this year, citizens of San Jose may just as well cancel their current cable subscription, buy a bigger flat-screen TV's that is internet capable and check which Internet providers in San Jose can give them a suitable deal. General Manager and Vice-President of Intel Media, Erik Huggers, stated that they are currently working with huge companies such as Apple, Google, Netflix and BBC in developing a new and unique internet TV platform. Too much of a good thing is bad though. If Intel's plan comes into fruition, some subscribers may reach their bandwidth limit due to video streaming. Upgrading their connection or switching to other internet providers may be a viable option, such as TLink Broadband that have plans that can upgraded anytime.

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