Friday, October 4, 2013

Internet Providers in Sacramento and All Over California are on the Brink of Doubling DSL Speed

"Internet providers in Sacramento and in nearby areas are already taking notice of these new technologies and some are already offering packages that feature them. The only caveat so far is that they come at a higher price, though that should be no surprise to consumers. On the other hand, the higher price will benefit Internet service providers, who can reap larger profits once they offer the technologies to a larger consumer base. Moreover, the new technologies can give companies in the DSL industry a better chance to compete with cable Internet providers. The gap between the two has grown over the years, but the introduction of vectoring and bonding can change all of that in a hurry. The bottom line is that Internet service providers in Sacramento and in other neighboring areas are about to see their industry change in one way or another. Profits may be on the rise like never before and along with that may come the emergence of a more competitive landscape that pits DSL prov

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