Saturday, October 5, 2013

Internet Providers in San Francisco Responsible for the Fastest Internet Speed in the State

"Upon further examination, the study also found out that Internet providers in San Francisco are responsible for the fastest Internet connection in the state, with residents of the city benefiting from an average download speed of 912kbps. As such, they enjoy faster browsing, downloading, and file sharing. Online gamers also have much to celebrate about, as they encounter fewer lag issues when playing against people from other states or even from other countries. The competition among states on which has the fastest Internet connection is actually very close. At 16th, California is only 3.2mbps slower than the national leader, Delaware. Considering the large bump from 14th place to 11th in the world rankings, the U.S. just might break into the Top 10 the next time Akamai reveals which countries have the fastest Internet. "

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