Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leading Internet Providers in San Jose Look to Ease Rising Web Demand

Internet service providers in San Jose, along with other cities in the US, has found such information very useful for their business. As of mid-2013, 69 percent of Californians have internet access – making the state one of the leaders in web application. In fact, it’s not only California that’s been giving web service providers an opportunity to hit numerous business gold mines – the entire United States is a haven for it. With 93 million broadband subscribers as of January 2014, Americans are really turning up the heat when it comes to surfing the Web.

Unlike in its early years, internet access these days is no longer considered a luxury. Pew’s stats reveal that 61% of the respondents recognized the Internet’s importance to their professional careers and around 30% said that they look to the web only for enjoyment. Only 7% of the respondents admit that they go online for both work and fun.

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